Mulching and Pinestraw

Mulching and Pine Straw Services in North Carolina

Mulching and Pinestraw Installation in Fuquay Varina, Apex, Holly Springs, Cary, and Willow Springs

Mow by Design is a family-owned lawn care maintenance company in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. We also serve many surrounding areas such as Apex, Holly Springs, and Cary. We're proud to provide a full selection of lawn care services, including flower bed mulching, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, edging, and other types of maintenance.

Keeping up with the mulch and pine straw requirements of your trees, shrubs, and flower beds is a year-round proposition. Hiring a professional lawn care company frees up your time and keeps your plants healthy. Other benefits of hiring a lawn service for installing mulch and pine straw include:

- A professional landscaper brings everything, including the mulch itself. This means no trips to the garden store or running out of straw before finishing your project.
- A landscaping company will keep mulching on schedule without you having to think about it or carve out time from your busy week.
- If problems arise with your lawn or beds, your professional will be able to advise you early on. An expert eye will nip the issue in the bud (pun intended) right away.


In North Carolina, mid-spring is the best time of year to have mulch spread. During the growing season, the soil is moist and warm. Laying pine straw or mulch before the temperature rises helps keep moisture in and gets plants ready for the summer heat. We recommend laying mulch or pine straw twice a year, and we'll perform your first mulch or pine straw spreading in mid-spring. Next, we'll do a follow-up installation in the fall.

Types of Recommended Mulch

Bark Mulch - Because bark mulch lasts longer than other kinds, it's best used around trees, shrubs, and by walkways and foundations near the front of your home. It also works in garden beds that you don't plan to dig in often.

Compost Mulch - Compost mulch is great around plants to insulate them and give them a nutrient boost. You can use it just about anywhere as long as the area is relatively weed-free (weeds love nutrients too).

Stone and Gravel - Stone and gravel are good choices because they last so long. Rocks don't attract mold or insects and are more affordable than organic mulch. Gravel and stone are best used in places where you need good drainage or want to keep the heat in around plants during cold spells.


Pine straw, which is made of the needles of pine trees, is a versatile mulch used in all sorts of lawn and garden applications. Its purpose is to deter weed growth, help the soil retain moisture, and keep it from eroding. It also keeps plants warm during cold weather and assists seedlings and young plants in taking root.

Ways to Use Pinestraw

Decorative Purposes - Pine straw not only prevents weed growth, but it's also suitable for lining walkways, foundations, and unpaved seating areas around benches. It also works well beneath trees and to give any area of the lawn a finishing touch.
Promoting Plant Growth - Pine needles make the soil more acidic as they break down. This process makes pine straw excellent landscaping mulch for acid-loving plants, such as magnolias, ferns, azaleas, and gardenias.

How often should pinestraw be installed?

If you're using pine straw as a mulch for plant health, it's common to have pine straw installed once per year. For decorative purposes, spread pine straw twice a year to keep it looking fresh and thick.


Mulch - Although more expensive, mulch retains moisture better, has more nutrients, makes a better weed barrier, and lasts longer.
Pine Straw - If installed when it's wet, pine straw is more acidic. It's easy to move and spread, but it's less stable, meaning it's more likely to move around or get blown away. However, pine straw is more erosion-resistant and doesn't have to be taken up after a specific period.


Both mulch and pine straw are attractive options to beautify your yard at any time of year. Mow by Design has mulching services to fit your landscaping needs and budget. Give us a call today!


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