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Does your lawn need mowing? Bushes need trimming? Need someone to clean up leaves from your yard? For fast, reliable, and affordable lawn care in Cary, MOW BY DESIGN is here for you.

Whether you have a large or small yard that requires regular lawn maintenance or you’re searching for a new lawn care provider, call us or send us your details and we can help. Our goal at MOW BY DESIGN is to provide you with dependable services so that you can rest assured knowing that your lawn is always professionally maintained.

With a population of over 130,000 people, Cary is one of North Carolina's largest cities. With this many lawns to take care of, we understand just how important it is for Cary residents to have a lawn care company that they trust. We are proud to be Cary's top choice for lawn care and landscaping needs. Take a look at our services in Cary NC below, and then contact us to schedule your lawn care services today!


If you’re looking for year-round lawn care maintenance in Cary NC, you’re at the right place. We’re able to offer lawn maintenance multiple times during the season, or on an as-needed basis. This will help provide continued growth, optimal health, and your best looking landscape.

Lawn maintenance includes mowing, edging, bush trimming, pruning, leaf maintenance and limb pick up. Summer months will consist mostly of mowing and trimming while winter months involve leaf blowing and limb pick up. We have years of experience with the plants and vegetation of North Carolina and are always happy to suggest specific maintenance plans for your yard.

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At Mow By Design we offer many different types of plans depending on your type of lawn and how often you are looking to receive services. Our Weekly and Bi-Weekly plans are most popular for Cary residents.

Year Round Service

Spring Lawn Care Cary NC: The Spring months are typically when we will begin mowing. We will also ensure that all beds are healthy. Spring is a prime season for adding mulch and for herbicide services as well.
Summer Lawn Care Cary NC: Summer months are more maintenance-based. We will mow your lawn and perform trimming services as needed.
Fall Lawn Care Cary NC: Due to the nature of the season, our primary focus in the fall is leaf and limb removal. We will also maintain your lawn as needed and check for any funguses that may appear (applying fungicide as needed).
Winter Lawn Care Cary NC: Many people have a misconception that lawn care is not necessary in the winter. However, it is especially important to make sure that your lawn is well cared for during these cold months! We also prefer to lay pinestraw in the winter months.

As Needed Services

Are you just looking for lawn care on an as-needed basis? If you aren't in need of year-round lawn care services but would still like services at certain times throughout the season, Mow By Design is more than happy to meet those needs for you. We can provide the lawn care services you need exactly when you need them!


When you choose Mow By Design for your lawn mowing needs, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a lawn care company that is reliable and trustworthy. Our clients are always pleased with the precision and quality of our lawn mowing services.

Mowing your own lawn can be a wearisome chore. Our team has the equipment and manpower to keep your lawn looking neat and healthy all year long. Mowing and edging consistently is the biggest part of a well-kept lawn. Whether you prefer weekly mowing with a true mower for a fuller lawn or only want a monthly trim, Mow By Design will treat your lawn with care and attention.

How often should my lawn be mowed?

It is best to have your lawn mowed frequently. Frequent mowing helps to train your grass to grow out instead of up; this makes your lawn healthier and fuller. In general most grass is best mowed once a week.

Grass length varies depending on location, but in general, grass is healthiest at around 3 inches long. However, some neighborhoods place restrictions on this, so it is best to check with your HOA in order to avoid a fine.

It is also important to avoid over-mowing. Having your lawn mowed too often can potentially put a strain on the grass and harm your lawn in the long run; lawn mowing is best left to professionals who will ensure that your lawn is taken care of!

Types of Grass

There are many different types of grass that can make up your lawn, and each requires its own type of care. Learn more about diffrent types of grass below:

Zoysia Grass: this type of grass is somewhat durable to wear. It is slow growing and thick. This grass is also known for being tolerant to varying conditions, and spreads quickly. Zoysia grass thrives in 80-95 degree weather and requires lower maintenance than other types of grass.

Bermuda Grass: Bermuda grass is one of the tougher types of grasses. Bermuda is known for being very tolerant to heat and drought. It has deep roots and grows very quickly. Bermuda grass requires a higher maintenance level.

St. Augustine Grass: this type of grass is also known as Raleigh St. Augustine. This grass was released by the state of North Carolina in 1980. It has a coarser texture than other types of grass and thrives in humid environments, as well as in saltier areas near beaches. It is also known for its beautiful blue-green hue.

Centipede Grass: this type of grass is known for being heat resistant and is one of the most low maintenance grass types you can find. Centipede grass has very low nutrient needs, and is great for lawns with sandy and acidic soils.

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Nobody wants for their yard to be covered in leaves or tree limbs. Many homeowners try to maintain leaves and limbs themselves; however, this can prove to be a daunting task after heavy winds, a big storm, or even the onset of fall weather. Leave it to the lawn care professionals at Mow By Design to rid your yard of leaves and fallen limbs!

Leaf Removal Services

Nearly every type of tree begins to shed its leaves at the beginning of autumn. Trees that produce the most leaves include Sycamore, Oak, and Maple trees. Coincidentally, these are some of the more common trees in this region. Leaves begin to fall around October and continues until early January, peaking in late November.

At Mow By Design, our leaf removal process includes leaf blowing and leaf collection. It is also helpful to have an area of your yard designated for leaf collection and decay. Many homeowners designate the back portions of their backyard for this, but it could also be located in your side yard. Leaves take 6-12 months to decay and help to add nutrients back to the soil.

Limb Removal Services

Most people are quite shocked to see just how many limbs can fall off of a tree in any given season. Fallen limbs are typically most abundant after a storm, a windy day, or after a snowfall weighs them down. At Mow By Design, our limb removal method involves taking limbs off-site or placing them in a designated area, much like the designated areas for leaves.


Edging and edge trimming is an extremely important service that every lawn needs. The edging process can make all the difference between a simple mowed lawn and a clean, beautiful yard that looks manicured and immaculate. If you're looking for edge trimming services in Cary NC to take your lawn to the next level, Mow By Design is your best option!

Why Does My Lawn Need Edging Services?

Edging is the process of making a lawn look neat after it has been mowed. Think of it as the finishing touches of your lawn care service. Edging helps to stop the spread of grass to other areas of your yard. By clearly defining the beds of grass and their borders, edging keeps your lawn looking clean and prevents grass growth in unwanted areas.

One of the biggest misconceptions about edging is that the areas surrounding sidewalks are the only areas that need edge trimming services. This is not true; in addition to sidewalks, it is important to trim the edges surrounding stone fixtures and flowerbeds.

It is also important to use the right tools for edge trimming. Using the wrong type of tools and equipment when edging could lead to an unfinished look. At Mow By Design, we use gas-powered metal edgers in order to get a deeper cut and achieve a more professional look.

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No matter what your lawn looks like, we are here to help make it the best it's ever been! We’re able to trim hedges, bushes, and shrubs multiple times during the season, or on an as-needed basis. This will provide continued growth, optimal health, and your best looking landscape.

Why do I need trimming services?

Nothing quite sticks out in a front lawn than an overgrown hedge. Not only do they look bad, they can grow to block windows and walking paths. Trimming trees, bushes, and hedges also helps to promote a healthy growth rate. Think of it like getting your hair trimmed; bushes and hedges that go untrimmed for too long can begin to get unruly and grow in unflattering directions. Bushes and trees that grow fast need frequent trimming services.

Leave It to the Professionals

However, trimming trees, shrubs, and bushes can be dangerous without the right equipment. Often times, ladders and a bit of muscular endurance are needed. It is easiest and safest to leave the trimming process to professionals. Whether you have 30 crimson fires or a couple of evergreen bushes, our team at Mow By Design will be happy to keep them neatly trimmed all year round.

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A small tree may need to be removed if it has grown improperly or will grow to be a danger to the house. Bushes and shrubs may need to be removed because they are unhealthy or for aesthetic purposes. If you require either of these the team at Mow By Design always makes sure to avoid any damage to a lawn during the removal process. We are also glad to suggest replacements and fills for removed features.

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Mow By Design provides mulching and pinestraw services year-round for both yearly replenishing and one-time needs. We offer installation, maintenance, and removal of mulched areas. We only use quality mulch and pinestraw, and can help suggest types of mulch and places in your yard that would benefit from mulching and the addition of pinestraw.

Mulching Services

Mulch comes in all kinds of colors and varieties. Though pleasing to the eyes, it has more than just aesthetic purposes. It acts as a cover from the sun. Properly laid mulch will help the soil stay cool and retain moisture as well as discourage the growth of weeds.

It is best to have mulch and/or pinestraw installed in your yard twice a year for optimum health. Ideally, mulch should be placed in mid-spring and in the fall as well, ensuring proper mulch placement in the harsher summer and winter months.

Mulch vs Pinestraw

Many people often struggle with choosing between placing mulch or pinestraw in their yards. Each of these options has certain benefits.

Mulch, while typically more expensive, is know for having better moisture retention, more nutrients, a better weed barrier, and typically lasts longer than pinestraw.

Pinestraw can be more acidic if it is laid while wet, but it is known for being easy to move/spread, is more erosion resistant, and does not have to be removed. However, it is also less stable and more likely to blow away.

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The town of Cary is located in Wake County directly west of Raleigh. It has an estimated current population of around 160,000. It is known as an affluent suburb of Raleigh. Being near The Triangle, new residents often move to Cary because of their association with Research Triangle Park and the universities. Residents also enjoy being near Jordan Lake and the surrounding parks.